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Vex 3

(175,054 votes)
August 2014
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Vex 3 is the third platform game in the Vex series. The game is full of twists and turns, with a labyrinth of deadly devices and traps to navigate on each level. Avoid the spinning blades, spikes, and traps to make your way to the next act!

How to Play Vex 3

To play through and progress on Vex 3, you must reach the end of each act. That means avoiding the deadly traps and devices scattered around each level. When you fall victim to one of these fatal contraptions, you'll be sent back to the nearest checkpoint. From there, you have to figure out how to overcome the obstacle causing you difficulty.

Vex 3 Acts

There are 10 regular acts to work through. As you'd imagine, it gets trickier. The labyrinth becomes more complex and traps more challenging. If you're a determined gamer, there are 9 challenge acts too. These will earn you a well-deserved "Hardcore" trophy.


If making it out of the level alive isn't enough, there are more achievements to make you feel accomplished. You can earn cool trophies for completing an act perfectly without dying, or dying too much. Then there's the Hardcore achievements. These achievements include hidden stars dotted around each level, as well as the additional 9 challenge acts.

The Vex Series

Vex is one of the most popular stickman puzzle games. The mechanics of the Vex series is reminiscent of the notoriously difficult N game series, which originated in 2004.

The original Vex was a Flash game released in 2013. Vex 4 is the latest addition to the Vex game series, with Vex 5 expected for release in the future.

Stickman Games

There are more stickman games, many of which feature survival and puzzle elements like Vex 3. If you're looking for the latest game in the Vex series, check out Vex 6. It has excellent new features like skins and daily bonus levels. Another game to check out is Swingin' 2 where you have to overcome deadly obstacles while swinging through the air.


  • Challenging yet addictive gameplay
  • A range of puzzles to navigate through
  • Bonus levels and achievements for your progress
  • 10 standard levels and 9 additional challenge acts


Vex 3 is a game by Amazing Adam, just like its amazing sequel, Vex 4.

Release Date

August 2014


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Jump from side to side to climb up walls. Play new acts by standing on their act block and pressing the down arrow key. Purple blocks are weak so they will fall down if you step on them. Orange blocks are super bouncy and are great if you want to jump high into the air! The game contains many checkpoints, so you can always start from the latest one when you die.


Where can I play Vex 3 without Flash player?

You can play Vex 3 in HTML5 on CrazyGames.

Is Vex 3 difficult?

Vex 3 is a challenging game that tests your problem-solving skills, as well as your judgment and reflexes.

Where can I play the latest Vex game?

You can play the latest Vex on CrazyGames. The newest Vex game in CrazyGames is Vex 4, with Vex 5 expected in the future.

When was Vex 3 released?

Vex 3 was released in August 2014.