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Soccer Random

(230,657 votes)
RHM Interactive
June 2020
Last Updated:
April 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)

Soccer Random is a two-player pixel-art soccer game with limited controls but unlimited randomness. Players hop and kick on the pitch with just one click, trying to score a goal with limited movement. You can choose a one-player game against the computer or two-player with a friend as your opponent.

How to Play Soccer Random

The game rules and control are fairly simple. There is no strategy involved in Soccer Random; you will simply need to out-click your opponent till you score a goal.

Use the up arrow or left-click to do your signature and only move. Each team has two players, and they move simultaneously. Each click controls both characters on your team, but only sometimes, as you would want. You can also hold your kick in the air by pressing and holding the action button. This can be useful when kicking randomly or doing nothing could work against you. Though sometimes doing nothing and just standing there can indeed score you a winning goal.

After each goal in Soccer Random, you are transported to a new location with different characters. To win the game, one team must reach 5 wins before the other!

You can play Soccer Random solo or with a friend. Playing a two-player game evokes more action on the field, so try both and see which is more fun.

What’s so random about Soccer Random?

The game's rules are straightforward - get the ball in the net to score a goal. Everything else is pretty much well… random. You will be playing with different backdrops, which include beach, cityscapes, snow fields, at nighttime, in broad daylight - you name it. The setting is random. The uniforms change as well. You may be wearing white, blue, or red. You may also be playing in the snow in your underwear or perhaps swimsuits. It’s hard to tell. It is random. The ball changes as well. Sometimes, you play with a classic soccer ball, other times with an American football, tennis ball, and even an inflatable beach ball. Even the players change with each match. It is random.


Even if the moves are limited, you do want to be reactive, as the ball can quite easily drift under or over your player’s heads. Keep an eye on both players you are controlling. One is offense, and the other is the goalkeeper. One-click controls both, and moves between your two players don’t always align, so decide whose move is more important based on your opponent's moves.

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  • Play on various pitches
  • Unique characters and settings
  • Limited controls and wacky physics
  • Play the game with a friend or solo

Release Date

  • February 2020 (HTML5)
  • March 2020 (Android)


RHM Interactive made Soccer Random.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Last Updated

Apr 06, 2023


Press W or up arrow to jump and kick.


Can I play Soccer Random on my phone?

Yes, you can play Soccer Random on your phone. It is available both on desktop and mobile and can be played on Android and iPhone devices.

Can I play Soccer Random on my own?

Yes, Soccer Random has both the option for a one player or two player match.

Can I play Soccer Random against a friend?

Yes, you can play Soccer Random locally with another player.

Gameplay Video

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