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Mine Blocks

(169,730 votes)
December 2021
Last Updated:
January 2024
Browser (desktop-only)

Mine Blocks is a 2D Minecraft fan game originally released in Flash. You can now play the game again as it’s been rebuilt in HTML5 and features regular updates from the development team. Explore, craft, and create a world of your own imaginings in this open-world playground!

How to Play

Mine Blocks has many features in common with Minecraft, including the cool pixelated visual style. But the game also adds entirely new ideas. There are two principal game modes in Mine Blocks, survival and creative. More recently, the "minigames" tab was added to feature new games modes.


Collect various materials to craft shelter, weapons, and sustenance. The materials combine with others to create new items. For example, using wood and stone to craft a wooden axe. See the crafting recipes on the official wiki for more. Shelter and weapons are necessary to fight hostile mobs such as creepers, spiders, and zombies.


Creative mode is a sandbox where you’re free to roam and have unlimited resources at your disposal. You won’t lose health or die, and you can fly around the map by double-tapping ‘W’ or ‘Space’ to place blocks, items, and mobs wherever you please. In this mode, you can use your imagination to build epic structures, cities, worlds, and everything else.

Join the scavenger hunt!

As of update 1.31, you can join your friends in online multiplayer and complete the scavenger hunt to find all 10 items in 8 minutes, before someone else does!

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  • Survival and creative mode
  • Play online in scavenger hunt!
  • Save your levels and creations
  • Limitless possibility for creation and design
  • Simple controls similar to the original Minecraft


Mine Blocks was launched as a Flash game. The HTML5 version has been available since 2021 and can be played without any plug-ins!


Mine Blocks is created by the indie game and music developer Zanzlanz. This small production company has created some fantastic titles such as Snowman Slide, Deseeder, and the popular follow-up, Mine Blocks 2 and Mine Blocks 3.

Last Updated

Jan 04, 2024


  • Move your character with the WASD keys. Sprint by double-tapping A or D
  • Collect resources by clicking and holding on to nearby blocks or creatures. Use the right tools for the right job
  • Place blocks by selecting a block in your Hotbar, and right-clicking on an empty space in the world
  • Open your inventory by pressing E. Here you can craft items and equip armor
  • Use an item or eat food by selecting the item in your Hotbar and right-clicking and holding. You can review and change your controls in the settings menu

Gameplay Video