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Free Tetris

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Tetris is a legendary puzzle game. It was one of the first tile-matching games on the market. Free Tetris stays true to the original Tetris, maintaining the simple yet addictive gameplay style. Fit the pieces correctly to destroy rows - the speed increases the further you get!

Tetris Tips

Free Tetris is a deceptively tricky game. Want to know how to get better at playing? Here are some basic tips on how to improve your game.

Tip #1 - Visualize rotations. You may have already noticed rotating blocks is an essential part of the game that helps you visualize where the block will fall.

Tip #2 - Play flat. Aim to create horizontal rows of pieces to give you the most opportunities to put pieces down and destroy rows. Never stack blocks more than two pieces high or create a hole more than two blocks deep. There is only one piece that can fill a gap deeper than two blocks.

Tip #3 - Look ahead. Free Tetris shows you the piece coming next in the top right. Once you get used to playing the game, you should think about what you're going to do with the next piece as you drop the current piece.

Tip #4 - Think fast. You'll need quick-thinking more than anything in Free Tetris, even if it doesn't always lead to the best decisions. The game only gets faster as you eliminate more lines.

About Free Tetris

Free Tetris is close to the original Tetris experience in terms of gameplay. You simply increase your lines and acquire a higher score to move into the faster levels. Colorful blocks help you identify and distinguish between pieces making it easier to identify blocks and think ahead.

The Tetris Legacy

Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris in 1984. It was one of the first tile-matching games on the market, influencing newer genres like bubble shooters. Later, it was established as one of the greatest early video games. Throughout its history and the countless variations that spawned from the game, the original games still hold their position as the most significant.

Tetris has also been the subject of scientific research, influencing fields like computation theory and cognitive psychology. The term "Tetris effect" is used to describe the visual phenomena that can occur after playing too many videogames.


Web browser (originally Flash, now HTML5)


Rotate blocks using the arrow keys.