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Duck Life 4

(40,079 votes)
October 2017
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)
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Duck Life 4 is a duck racing game set after the ban on genetically modified ducks. A year has passed since the ban on genetically modified ducks and now it’s up to you to defeat the world champion. Train your duck team to compete in six new locations around the world.

What’s New

Genetically modified ducks are now banned, but one racer reigns supreme. Frank the Fire Duck. It’s up to you to beat him when you reach the final stage, set in the pit of a fitting and fiery volcano.

Duck Teams

In Duck Life 4, there’s a greater sense of progression than previous games. There’s now a large selection of ducks with various colorful liveries to choose. After choosing your first duck, you can buy new ducks in the shop to expand your team. Build each duck with its own unique strengths and use them to your advantage.

More Freedom

This time around, the main menu is set in a small farm town called Grassland, with local ducks offering races and training exercises. Complete challenges from locals and earn yourself an invitation to the main event.

New Stages

The levels in Duck Life 4 come complete with their own visual and musical style. The training levels also feature new layouts and challenges to the previous Duck Life games. The six core levels in Duck Life 4 are:

  • Grassland
  • Swamp
  • Glacier
  • Mountains
  • City
  • Volcano

How to Play


To play Duck Life 4, you start by training your duck’s core skills. These skills are running, flying, climbing, and swimming. You have to improve these skills to win racing tournaments, so it’s important to do them first. Once you’re ready to race, sit back and see how well your duck performs!


Duck training is essential for earning currency, and it’s currency that allows you to make progress. Collect coins while you’re training and buy duck feed to increase your energy level. Since there’s a cosmetics shop in Duck Life 4, you can also use your coins to purchase hats and duck eggs to hatch more ducks for your team!

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Duck Life 4 is developed by Wix Games.


This game is available in your web browser, as an Android app, and as an iOS app.

Speed program

Use left and right arrow to move the duck. Jump into the holes and stay on the screen.

Endurance program

Use left and right arrow to move the duck. Try not to get hit by the falling objects.


1234 to control your duck. Dodge the obstacles by pressing the corresponding number.
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