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Duck Life 2

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HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)
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Duck Life 2 is a duck racing game with various training levels to improve your athletic abilities. When you’ve trained enough, you enter a duck ‘quadrathlon’’ that puts your running, climbing, swimming, and flying skills to the test. Just another day in the life of a duck!

How to Play


In Duck Life 2, you start by training your duck’s core skills; running, flying, climbing, and swimming. If you enter a race before training, you’ll lose. A successful duck always comes first in any race, and that’s what you must do to unlock the next level.


Speaking of levels, there are five countries to tour as a duck olympian. Here’s where you’ll be exploring, in order:

  1. Scotland
  2. England
  3. Egypt
  4. Hawaii
  5. Japan


A core element of the game is developing your duck’s skills. You need currency to do this. 

You earn coins in Duck Life 2 by collecting them in training and winning races. You can use those golden value tokens to buy duck feed, which increases your energy - a vital key to winning races. 

Coins are also useful for upgrading the maximum level cap when you’ve pushed your duck to the limit in training sessions. After winning races, you’ll also unlock new hats and skin tones.

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Wix Games

Original Release Date

May 2011

Update to HTML5

October 2017

Running controls

Use up arrow to jump.

Flying controls

Use up and down arrow to change direction.

Swimming controls

Use up arrow to jump and down arrow to dive. Press left and right arrow to move left and right.

Climbing controls

Use left and right arrow to jump between each side of the canyon.
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